Plan Ahead

Don’t go to the Zoo unprepared. Bring a healthy snack.

Jolene Hdsht2 January 24

Jolene Snaps :0

Casco Arial October 16

Finding East Prussia

She was born in the small fishing town of Konigsberg in East Prussia.  As a young girl all she knew was her small family in this quiet town. She spent her summers running along the seaside as the ocean lapped salt and seaweed over jagged rocks and the birch trees stretched out their long trunks […]

Riv and Mommy September 03

Labor Day on Walloon Lake

Some friends of ours loaned us their amazing lake home on Walloon Lake, Michigan. It was heavenly!

A Dandy Punk August 24

A Dandy Punk

Born from an obsession with the arts, elements of street culture and the feel of foggy Victorian London comes the inspired character ‘a dandypunk.’ Created by Joel Sebastian, a unique artist with an eye for things out of the ordinary. His goal with a dandypunk is to perfect an instantly recognizable and original style that […]

Chris&Jolene August 22

Judge and I

When Chris Judge wrote a two part episodic. (Part 1 ‘Birthright’, Part 2 ‘Sacrifices’) for SG1, he wrote it with me in mind. The story revolves around ‘Ishta’, a Jaffa  high priestess under Moloc’s reign. Her job was to kill newborn baby girls in a fire ceremony. How twisted is Chris??  Fortunately he wrote her […]

This Moment August 17

You and I in a Stolen Moment

Life is made up of moments and you’ve been dreaming about this moment your whole life. Jeffrey Lewis Bennett, the owner of JLB Wedding in Clawson, Mich., His unique wedding GIFs are a creative way to transport yourselves back to a stolen moment. xoxo


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